President Hassan calls for an immediate end to the fighting in Kismayo-
Lasanod Online. Sunday, June 09, 2013


Mogadishu:- At a press conference on his return to Mogadishu today, President Hassan call for an immediate end to the fighting in Kismayo.

" I am very sad to hear of the renewal of conflict in Kismayo.

 It is so wrong to see Somalis fighting each other in this way, and violence cannot be used as a means to achieve political ambitions.

“The time for fighting is over. We must unite and seek to resolve our differences peacefully. We must unite for the fight against Al Shabaab.

“The Government will soon hold a reconciliation conference in Kismayo, as set out in the IGAD Heads of State Communique on 24th May."


Source: Office of the President of Somalia


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